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Included in delivery:
rollers for application are included
consumption: 1 kg/ sqm
units: 2 kg, 4 kg,
price: 39.00 €/ kg, VAT included, packing extra
advisory service: we are pleased to be of your assistance when applied to your items.

EUR 39,00 per kg

The Product:

  • tiles varnishing – tiles care – tiles preservation
  • sealing of tiles and joints
  • for leaky tiles with faultless visual appearance. In case of cracked tiles we recommend new floor covering.
  • UV resistant
  • colourless or coloured
  • for outer surfaces






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Pre-treatment of ground:
Before working on the object, the surface to be treated essentially has to be clean, dry and capable of bearing a load. Any lubricant residues, plaster slurry or remaining dirt are to be removed. For cleaning we recommend the use of a basic cleaner together with a cleaning pad (abrasive pad). The surface has necessarily to be dry before finishing. For better adherence on glazed surfaces the adhesive primer is to be applied. Material consumption of the primer: approx. 30 g/ sqm, advisable application by using a cloth. After a drying time of about 30 minutes the surface pre-treated as described is prepared for finishing.


  • Fliesendicht is ready for processing. It is important that no less than 0,4 kg/ sqm and no more than 0,7 kg/ sqm are applied within one working step.
  • After a drying time of at least 12 hours and maximum 48 hours at 20°C the second coat may follow.
  • The drying time is considerably dependent on the surrounding temperature as well as on humidity. Opened units have to be applied the next day at the latest.


Balkon Fliesendicht vorher  Balkon Fliesendicht nachher

Technical Details

1 basic component Fliesendicht

viscosity at 23°C:

approx. 1800 mPas.
proportion of solid materials:     approx. 70%
concentration (compostion):     1,05 kg / liter
pot life at 21°C:     none / immediate processing of opened units
drying time at 21°C:     walkable after 24h; resilient after 48h
degree hardness Shore A:     90 after 7 days
ultimate strain DIN 53455:     >200% after 7 days
tensile strength DIN53455:     after 7 days = 10 N/mm²; after 30 days >20 N/mm²
shelf life / suitability for storage:     minimum 6 months
colour:     nearly colourless
crack bridging:     up to 0.5 mm
diffusion factor of water vapour:     approx. 4,000 my
cleaner for tools:     EP-thinner (in case no gelation has occured)
material consumption:     0,40 kg – 0,60 kg/ sqm per coating

1 basic component Adhesive Primer

product data:     1 comp. adhesive primer:
viscosity at 23°C:     approx. 10 – 50 mPas.
proportion of solid materials:     approx. 5%
mixing time:     approx. 0.5 Min.
concentration (compostion):     approx. 0,9 kg/liter
drying time at 21°C:     approx. 30 Min.
pot life at 21°C:     minimum 6 months
colour:     nearly colourless

The primer for tile sealing is in the response you get (amount will be calculated by us and communicated to you) when you submit this order request.

Construction work on balconies and tile glued with flexible adhesive or tile adhesive used, usually the seal because the entire balcony just is not tight.
The balcony tiles, if they are not cracked, are mostly still intact. But always in the tile grout the tiles balcony penetrates water. The water penetrates through the tile adhesive and thus reaches the floor below, where the water finds its way to the bitumen waterproofing membrane, then when a welding path exists, if not, the water flows unhindered
through the joints of the tiles on the concrete balcony and walk through them and causing expensive damage to the balcony, that is about the whole balcony construction.

Particular we recommend the product for sealing tile sealant that seals the tiles, including the joints. The balcony shines in new splendor and enjoys great popularity. It is waterproof with the sealing and the tiles and joints are at the surface by the TILE SEAL
shiny. Dirt and environmental factors no longer adhere so strongly by sealer on the tiles. The tiles are easy to clean, dirt particles are easy to remove.
Tiles sealing is no impregnation. Impregnation is like a thin skin, repels water, it holds only a short time on balcony tiles and must be refreshed frequently.
Tile sealing a correspondingly thick layer on the tiles, so that the tile look like covered with a glass plate.

The color of the tiles balcony is through the coating (sealer) are updated with tile sealing again. They shine in new splendor. You can apply tile sealant with balcony tiles if the tiles are intact and even hairline cracks. Important is a dry ground below the balcony tiles.

You can measure the balcony floor (tiles) as with a paint seal with sealing tiles.

Back off when working on a balcony or terrace with tile sealing the supplied gloves. First clean the surface thoroughly. Especially the joints of the tiles should not contain any dirt or even moss. Prime the balcony tiles with the supplied adhesive primer. The primer for tiles is applied thinly with a rag. When ordering tiles sealing tiles for balcony, you get the primer in the appropriate quantity supplied automatically. Wear resistant tiles on using the supplied roll like a painting on the tile floor. Distribute the weight of the supplied role as the highlight with color evenly on the tile surface. Make
that the material on the outside down the tiled plinth wall of the house and also to the drip edges of the tiles evenly without leaving the highlight imperfections, apply, and can prevent water from undermining the seal. After setting time (overnight) wear the second layer on the same way. On the surface should be no water from rain or dew.
About 2 hours after the application of the material has reached its resistance to rain. (At about 20 ° C temperature) Very convenient to clean and depend on the weather, you can now enjoy your beautiful balcony waterproof tiles.

For newly laid tiles balcony suitable sealing, sealing with sealing tiles also so only no damage to the balcony and the balcony tiles.

So you have for many years of pleasure to the beautiful, the sealed
Tiles on the balcony.

Unfortunately, our staff speaks only German telephone

When you submit the order request here, you werhalten first response. In the amount of primer included ordered the detention and port are included. If you pay it is the product packed and shipped to you inculusive Instructions.

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Creates a waterproof transparent colorless surface
With tile sealing caulk on tiles produced durable waterproof transparent colorless surface.

Transparent seal on tiles as patio tiles waterproof transparent colorless coating for DIY.
Balcony Tiles transparent seal for stair tiles, patio tiles on waterproof transparent for home improvement as colorless layer.

Transparent layer of caulk to the balcony tiles
Transparent layer to the caulk itself of tiles for tile home improvement applied as a paint or varnish.

Balcony before and after photo

Balcony balcony before sealing transparent colorless

Transparent colorless layer on tiles
Same balcony with tile sealing colorless balcony waterproofing on the tiles after a rain shower. The water trickles down onto the thick transparent layer, the balcony is easily cleaned.

Fliesendicht_transparente Versiegelung_452



Here you can see beautiful as the water runs off.

Mauerabdeckung Fliesendicht

Coping with tile sealing.


Sealing tiles on a balcony in Italy.


Fliesendicht (kg)
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Moss-Algae-Protection (100 ml master batch)
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